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Bright Beginnings Philosophy & Purpose

Bright Beginnings is an extension of the educational ministry of the church. We are an outreach to serve the community. The purpose of the school is to help the child develop physical and social skills with a healthy spiritual attitude toward God and our world. We will seek to help the children recognize God and that He loves all of us.

The Bright Beginnings Staff encourages and models expected behavior. The limits or rules are explained frequently, briefly, and simply: safety rules and rules regarding the treatments of others; kind, respectful, and gentle treatment of everyone. Staff guide children to resolve conflicts using communication skills. Teachers anticipate potential problems, redirecting children to more acceptable behavior or activity. Teachers respond to disruptive reactions quickly, but maintain a respectful and positive atmosphere. We will work together to make this a positive learning environment for all.

Our Mission

“Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.”

Our Vision

“We are active followers of Jesus reaching out and sharing God’s love and hope with families and those in need.”

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